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Founded in 2015, Valdon Mesh GmbH is a financial technology company based on the belief that business is about people and transfer of knowledge. We are passionate about our mission to bridge the gap between acamedia and industry by transfering cutting edge academic knowledge and research into consultancy and technology services, delivering fully fledged solutions to the financial industry. Valdon consists of a dedicated and driven group of individuals operating with great levels of integrity, quality, and transparency. We support strategic decision making and provide services designed for regulatory compliance and business enhancement. Valdon Mesh is a service oriented company and, as such, focused on our clients and their success.

Valdon strives for continuous and sustainable innovation. Members of Valdon have extensive work experience with risk and trading models of large private and investment banks as well as for international clearing houses on the one hand, and deep knowledge of the theoretical frameworks from their academic careers and research affiliations on the other hand.

Valdon offers a wide range of solutions to meet all regulatory requirements of the modern financial industry, with a strong focus on the cutting edge of research and innovation. In addition, we offer customer tailored consultancy services and solutions in model validation, model development, evaluation and assessment of financial risk, and other fields.

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Model Validation

Regulatory Compliance

Model Building

Development and Implementation

Data Analysis and Forecasting

Time Series and Big Data


Technology and Speed